Detachment Fire Team

Brown County Fire Team Meeting



Brown County Fire Team Concept


Host Detachment – Door Peninsula Detachment 1130 is in good standing at the Department and National levels.

Fire Team – A group of four (4) Marines and Corpsmen living in a remote area within a Department/Division having the desire to become members of the League and when this unit becomes 15 members it should consider becoming a self-sustaining Detachment. Each Fire Team member will be members of the Host Detachment.

Fire Team:

  1. Fire Team shall consist of a minimum of four (4) members (i.e. Marines including Corpsmen) and up to 15 members at which time the Fire Team should consider applying for Charter of a new Detachment.
  2. The Fire Team shall elect a Fire Team Leader and this individual shall be the interface and official coordinator to the Hosting Detachment Door Peninsula.
  3. The Fire Team  is a legal entity of the host Detachment Door Peninsula. They will share the same By-Laws, EIN and State Registration as the Host Detachment. All funds collected belong to the Host Detachment for accounting purposes. This is where a separate accounting shall be agreed between the parties for distribution in the home area of the Fire Team.
  4. Fire Team Leader shall attend minimum of 50% of Detachment business meetings.
  5. All Fire Team members shall be allowed to attend Department Conventions and National Conventions and be allowed to vote delegates within the National and Department By Laws within the Host Detachment voting body.
  6. The Fire Team Leader shall maintain Fire Team roster and current status for paid and unpaid membership including life membership. The Fire Team Leader shall submit Transmittal with payments to Host Detachment Adjutant/Paymaster for processing.
  7. The Fire Team shall be allowed to hold fundraisers and be active in the community but keep Host Detachment informed of such activities.
  8. The Fire Team can participate in Toys For Tots programs but must be affiliated with the Host Detachment Toys for Tots program whether direct with Toys for Tots Foundation or through local Reserve units.